Company Strategy

  • Establish strong relationship with customer at local market.
  • Examine Customer reviews and use them to develop and improve our services and duties.
  • Expand cooperation with international partners.
  • Continue to deepen staff training and professional development.
  • Implement new projects and technologies

Exclusive qualities & advantages

  • Optronica develops accuracy during the assembly and manufacture of the optical components.
  • Optronica supplies assemblies to International markets.
  • Optronica develops International business Co-operations.
  • The main activity of Optronica is to develop, assembly and testing of different optical modules of a wide spectral range like: objectives, eyepieces, collimators, relay lenses and etc.
  • The company specializes in the following areas:
    • electro-optical equipment,
    • Homeland security instruments,
    • Life science,
    • Industrial market,
    • Projects managing.