Mechanical workshop:

  • We engage in assemblies and setting-up of precise mechanical and optical instruments and systems.
  • We are equipped with all necessary tools and equipment to meet Customers requirements and needs.

Optical assemblies’ workshop:

Optical workshop is equipped with:

  • laminar tables which guarantee clean environment in the process of producing optical assemblies.
  • Nitrogen Sealing and Purging Equipment,
  • ultrasonic for cleaning process,
  • Heating chambers,
  • Optical tables with multipurpose systems for testing and alignment.

Optical alignment & testing station: 

The company is equipped with a wide range of measurement and alignment instruments and systems such as:

  • New generation MTF ( Modulation Transfer Function) test station, that can be used to measure the optical performance of lenses and optical systems. The station is able to measure a wide range of optical parameters related to almost all typical optical components and lens systems.

Optical alignment & control set-up:

  • Diffraction limit alignment station for objectives quality control and alignment.
  • The Station can be used for camera lenses and objective for binoculars and microscopes.